"Our Products"

1. Analgesic and Anti-Pyretic, 2. Anti-Inflammatory, 3. Mucolytic, 4. Anti-Infective, 5. Anti-Diabetic, 6. Antacid, 7. Anti-Hypertensive, 8. Cholesterol Lowering Agents, 9. Anti-Uric Acid/ Anti-Gout, 10. Anti-Diarrhea, 11. Anti-Viral, 12. Anti-Helminthic, 13. Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory, 14. Anti-Histamine, 15. Vitamin Supplement.

To meet the highest quality standard of finished products, we perform quality control testing at our own laboratory for Raw Material, Intermediate Products, and Packaging Materials that conform to our specifications for identity, contents and purity, etc. with reliable testing methods.

Prior to release to markets, we conform our product by ensuring determination and releasing of 'Certificate of Analysis (CoA) & Certificate of Conformance (CoC)' which show that the products meet its specification and quality criteria based on "Batch release" SOP.